About Us


Join us on the journey.

My family knows beef. 

We are successful, family owned Australian business that has prospered for more than 188 years by breeding, growing and exporting a superior meat product.

Through our brand ‘1829’ we offer longevity, knowledge and the expertise to prosper for you and your family many more years to come.

Our beef is highly regarded.  It considered the ‘Ferrari’ of Australian wagyu because it is superior quality, pure bred, and slaughtered and packed in Australia.  You can trust that there is no risk of tampering or substitution.

Our beef is rare.  It is not available to just anyone.  When you buy my beef, you know that it has my guarantee of premium quality and our stamp of expertise.

Through buying my beef, I offer you a unique product and invite you build your prosperity.


The Property


Our Property “Mandeville” at Tylden an hour north of Melbourne enjoys over 750 mm of rain per year and the quality soils produce abundant pasture for the raising of our cattle.

A special feature of the property is the five and a half kilometres of Coliban Resevoir frontage and the many dams including the largest private water storage in the Macedon Rangers shire. We host client lunches on the property to offer taste testing and education to our customers on how to handle and cook our beef.


Our cattle are custom fed at Ashleigh Park a fully roofed feedlot especially designed for long feeding Wagyu’s situated in Southern NSW.  The area has abundant high-quality water, grain and other fodder supplies.