established in 1829

"1829:  Wealth. Knowledge. Commitment"

The Clarke Dynasty started in 1829 when my great, great grandfather 'Big' Clarke came to Australia from England to make his fortune.   From his early days raising cattle in the pure green pastures of Van Diemen's Land, to the dusty plains of New South Wales and the lush beauty of Victoria, our wealth has grown with each generation as our cattle and livestock business prospered.

The Australian gold rush further increased our prosperity; meat sales boomed and made us the wealthiest landowners and family in the country.  We pioneered many other businesses in Australia, expanding our interests in commerce, banking, education. We built banks and universities and our family businesses grew and diversified.

For seven generations we have built our wealth as pastoralists, landowners and breeders of superior livestock, passing down our experience and knowledge from one generation to the next, over the last 188 years.  

Our dynasty grows and prospers to this day. 

My family are the 7th generation of Clarkes.  I continue to manage, buy and develop farming systems and breed the best wagyu cattle in Australia. We are known and trusted for our superior quality.

From our family to yours, we want to share our wealth and lifestyle with you through our superior beef. 

Buy our beef and your family can prosper for the next 188 years and beyond.

Tim Clarke